Kinesiology interdisciplinary app

Anthony Darmiento, a CSUF Kinesiology grad student, is looking to collaborate on a project. This could be a suitable MS Project/Thesis topic. Anthony writes:

My name is Anthony Darmiento and I am currently graduate student at CSU Fullerton studying Kinesiology. Per graduation requirements I am working on a project and require some collaborative help. The project involves creating a device related to sport performance and exercise. Specifically, the device measures kinematics of a barbell (weightlifting bar) in a way that no device out there is currently capable of matching. This device will have practical application related to Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Crossfit, Sport Performance, Strength and Conditioning and many other areas of fitness, exercise and training. If you have one or more of the skills desired below and are interested in collaborating on the design and creation of a state of the art device please contact Anthony Darmiento at

Individuals with experience in one or more of the following areas are the best fit:

  • Microcontroller programming (C language preferred)
  • Digital/Analog Filter Design.
  • Experience with wireless communication protocols (Wifi, Bluetooth…)
  • PCB Design experience.
  • Objective-C (iPhone app/iOS development)
  • SQL or other querying language (database creation and integration)

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